How to Score Bowling 2015-07-22

Two Methods:General Know-HowScoringMethod 1 of 2: General Know-How1Learn the basics of how the game is structured. A game of bowling has 10 frames. Within each frame, each player has 2 opportunities to knock down all 10 pins.[1]If all 10 pins are kno

How to Bowl Your Spares 2015-07-22

Bowling is very much based on spares. Yes, having 8 or 9 strikes in a game is great, but when the other frames are missed spares, that 250 game becomes 10 in a hurry. Here are some things to think about concerning spares.Steps1Take your time. As

How to Get a High Average in Bowling 2015-07-22

How to Get a High Average in Bowling
In bowling, a lot of people in today's society see it more as a recreational activity, rather than a sport. However, for some this is a science, and a sport that people take a liking to and ...

How to Buy a Bowling Ball 2015-07-21

Bowlers that buy their own balls enjoy the convenience of not having to hunt for the perfect ball among all of the various sizes at a bowling alley. Knowing what to look for when you buy a bowling ball can make a vast difference in the success of you

How to Finger Bowl 2015-07-21

How to Finger Bowl
Just got a new finger bowling set? and don't know how to finger bowl?Well read this marvelous article on how to finger bowl!Steps1Get out your finger bowling set,and lay it down on a flat su ...

How to Have a Bowling Party 2015-07-21

How to Have a Bowling Party
Don't know what to do for your birthday or a celebration? A bowling party is a great way to celebrate!Steps1Pick a good bowling alley to go to. Try to find one that's not too out of the way ...

How to Play Petanque 2015-07-21

Pétanque (pron. "pay-tonk") is the French equivalent of the sport of Bocce, except the balls are made of metal, and about the size of an orange; the playing surface is like a baseball infield (dirt, gravel, hard-packed sand) and may or may not h

How to Bowl a Strike 2015-07-21

How to Bowl a Strike
Three Parts:Selecting equipmentChoosing the proper starting positionImproving Your AccuracyPart 1 of 3: Selecting equipment1Determine whether you will be using a "house ball" or wi ...
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