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How to Deal With a Mare in Heat 2015-07-21

She stamps and squeals when other horses pass her stall. She forgets her manners, swishing her tail and trying to nip when you groom and tack her up. And when you ride she's a total airhead, ignoring your aids, whinnying, jigging and dancing, rubbern

How to Breed Appaloosa Horses 2015-07-21

Decide that you want to breed a purebred Appaloosa Horse, not a Quarter Horse, Warmblood or any other breed outcross. Respect that many people, decades ago, invested much time and research into bringing the Appaloosa Horse back to what it was when it

How to Wean a Foal 2015-07-21

How to Wean a Foal
Four Parts:Preparing to Wean the FoalDeciding Between Abrupt or Gradual SeparationSeparating the FoalMonitoring the Foal's Progress and the Mare's HealthPart 1 of 4: Preparing to Wean the Fo ...

How to Start a Horse Breeding Farm 2015-07-21

How to Start a Horse Breeding Farm
Eight Methods:Is this the business for you?Locating your businessEquipping your business with the essentialsPurchasing the horsesCaring for your horsesBringing home your new breeding horsesB ...

How to Deliver a Foal 2015-07-21

How to Deliver a Foal
Five Methods:Preparations Come FirstSigns of Labour ApproachingThe Labour ProcessFoals That are Presented AbnormallyAfter the BirthMethod 1 of 5: Preparations Come First1Find a place where t ...

How to Care for a Pregnant Mare 2015-07-21

Caring for a pregnant mare can be hard only if you make it hard. Making the process easy will be helpful to you, the mare and the growing foal.Steps1Make sure that you have a large paddock for the mare to graze and exercise, in the coming months befo
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