Moving House and Packing

How to Pack Plants for a Move 2015-07-23

If you have a garden you cannot live without, you may want to try taking it with you. With care, you can move even established plants. Plan carefully to minimize damage and shock to your plants.Steps1Understand any regulations applying to your move.

How to Move Without Telling Anyone 2015-07-23

How to Move Without Telling Anyone
So it has finally come to this. You have been driven out of your home by the rough types inhabiting the neighbourhood. Or you have somehow made such an ass of yourself that you don't want to ...

How to Plan a House Move 2015-07-23

If you are moving a house or apartment remember the old adage, 'fail to plan – plan to fail'. A poorly planned move will take longer costing you more money and will mean that the unpacking at the other end will be more of a chore rather than pleasure

How to Move to Canada 2015-07-22

Two Methods:Before You MoveOnce In CanadaMethod 1 of 2: Before You Move1Prepare for the legal aspects of the move. Depending on where you live in the world, moving to Canada can be an involved process. Consider locating an apartment or home before ac

How to Prepare for Moving out of Your Parents House 2015-07-22

How to Prepare for Moving out of Your Parents House
When the time comes to move out of your parents' home, you should be prepared for the independence. The better prepared you are, the more successful you will be at making it on your own. Con ...

How to Move Out of State 2015-07-22

Moving from one house to another can be a daunting task with all the packing and organizing. Moving to another state involves even more preparation and planning to get everything done and moved for what may be a long distance. Know a few tips for how

How to Pack Furniture For Moving 2015-07-22

Whether you have professional movers or you are loading and driving a truck yourself, getting your furniture ready for moving day can be stressful. Large pieces of furniture such as sofas, bunk beds, antique dressers and dining sets that seat 12 are

How to Pack Like a Pro 2015-07-21

Two Methods:Packing to MovePacking for a TripMethod 1 of 2: Packing to Move1Sort through all of your stuff first. Start your moving process by getting rid of the items that you don't need. There's no sense in organizing and trying to pack a bunch of

How to Move With Kids 2015-07-21

Let's face it; most of us aren't comfortable with changes. So, imagine how scary it can be for our little ones to leave the place, friends and school they have known for their whole life as home. Children can really feel anxious when they are first t

How to Start Your Move 2015-07-21

How to Start Your Move
Two Methods:Before you start packingMoving DayMethod 1 of 2: Before you start packing1Plan, plan, plan. If you are fortunate enough to have some time before your big move, take the time to c ...

How to Pack for a Big Move 2015-07-21

So, I see you're moving away from your home. Well, remember to say good-bye to all your close neighbors and friends. Here are some tips to how to pack the right way.Steps1Put your house up for sale. If you live in an apartment, just tell the complex

How to Move Into a New LDS Ward 2015-07-21

How to Move Into a New LDS Ward
As a Latter-day Saint, moving to a new home could mean you no longer live in the designated area for the ward or branch you used to attend. If this is the case, you may need to locate and jo ...

How to Organize a Basement 2015-07-21

How to Organize a Basement
A basement provides convenient storage space. But if not protected or stored correctly, property may be damaged. There are many ways in which you can organize a basement and take advantage o ...

How to Tear Packing Tape Quickly With Your Hands 2015-07-21

How to Tear Packing Tape Quickly With Your Hands
If you're in the process of moving, you know how important packing tape can be. With this technique, you can tear it quickly with your hands, without using scissors or your teeth, making the ...

How to Move to a Big City With Your Best Friend 2015-07-21

How to Move to a Big City With Your Best Friend
Are you tired of your nagging, annoying, bossy parents? Are you finished with College/University and want to get the heck away from your current living conditions with your parents or annoyi ...

How to Move to Spain 2015-07-21

How to Move to Spain
One Methods:Move to Spain.Steps1Obtain a Residency Visa to retire in Spain.Visit the Spanish Consulate that serves your jurisdiction.Provide 2 National Visa Applications.Provide 2 passport-s ...
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