Access to Landlocked Property

Landlocked Property Laws in Illinois 2015-07-14

What is Landlocked Property? The term "landlocked" generally calls up images of water access, as in common parlance; a landlocked area is one which does not border on water or have other water access such as a river flowing through it. But in le

New York State Landlocked Property Laws 2015-07-14

Landlocked Properties are Legal It wasn't until 1916 in New York City that the first zoning laws were established setting precedent for the rest of the country regarding landlocked real estate. However, many property configurations pre-dated zoning l

Federal Landlocked Property Law 2015-07-15

Easement by Necessity An operation of law grants an easement by necessity to landlocked properties that need the easement in order to gain access to a public road. By "necessity," the law means that there can't be another way for the landlocked

What Is Landlocked Property Worth 2015-07-15

Landlocked Definition A landlocked piece of land is a parcel of property that has no legal access road. Landlocked properties are surrounded by land that is owned by others on all sides. Landlocked property usually results from a landowner subdividin

How to Get a Deeded Easement to a Landlocked Property 2015-07-15

Instructions Ask for an easement to be deeded to you. This is the simplest and easiest way to get one. All you need in this case is for an attorney to draft and record the easement and a land surveyor to measure it out. Offer to purchase the easement

Rights of Landlocked Land Owners in Tennessee 2015-07-14

Acquire a Deeded Easement If a private drive from a public road already exists to your property, you should attempt to acquire an easement, or deeded right to cross the drive. This may require a title search to determine the drive's owner and to dete

What Are Property Easements 2015-07-15

Easement by Express Grant An easement by express grant must be created in writing. Because easements are interests in land, express interests must be in writing to satisfy the statute of frauds. Easements by express grant are usually created by deed.

Access Easement Vs. Road Easement 2015-07-14

Private Access Easement A property owner may sell an access easement to a neighbor for a driveway or path, so that the neighbor can have access to her own property. This is a private easement and not mandated by any government authority. This easemen

Oklahoma Land Access Laws 2015-07-14

Public Land Access The public has certain rights to access private and public property. Oklahoma law defines public roads as entrances and exits used by general public vehicle traffic allowing the government access to repair and regulate private road

What Is Checked in a Title Search for Real Property 2015-07-15

Ownership A title search result lists the name of the current owner, the type of title and the legal description of the property. If the property is rented, you would also find any leases on the title on the public records. If the property is subject

How to Run a Property Management Business 2015-07-15

Instructions Have a centralized location to conduct business. Treat the property management business as its own entity. Don't try to mix it into your everyday life. Have a separate office designated to the business. Start at home and then move to a c

Due Diligence Checklist For Commercial Property 2015-07-15

Environmental Safety Hazards The buyer should order an environmental assessment of the property, which is a survey of the environmental condition and history of the property focusing on the presence of any hazardous materials such as asbestos, lead p

How to Read a Property Survey 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Property survey illustration Property survey written report Instructions Open the property survey illustration on a large, flat surface, such as a countertop, for easy viewing. Place the written report next to the illustration so t

Storage of Personal Property of Eviction 2015-07-15

Overview of Eviction Landlords may never personally remove a tenant from a rental unit, and must instead pursue an eviction. An eviction is a court process that orders the tenant out of the premises on a specified date, typically with the assistance

How to Design and Implement a Property Using C Sharp 2015-07-19

Prescriptive Easement Rights in New Hampshire 2015-07-14

Definition of Prescriptive Easement Developed over centuries of common law, a prescriptive easement is the right to use property that is actually owned by another person. A prescriptive easement often occurs when a person needs to cross over land to

What Does "Encumbrances" Mean in Real Estate 2015-07-14

Encumbrances on Physical Use An encumbrance on the physical use of property gives a third party the right to use your property for a particular purpose. These encumbrances include licenses, easements, deed restrictions and water rights. A license is

NonExclusive Easements for Ingress & Egress 2015-07-15

Overview Easements can be created in a variety of ways. Often, easements are granted in property deeds; these are called easements by "express grant." Sometimes easements are created by implication, meaning the easement is granted because it's i

What Is an Unopened Road 2015-07-15

Origin of Term Unopened Road Allowance is a term that originally appeared in Ontario's Road Access Act, which was passed in 1978 to settle disputes when someone can only get to their landlocked property by traveling across the property of a neighbor.

South Carolina Land Locked Laws 2015-07-15

Express Easement Express easements are agreements in writing contained in a deed or contract. This type of easement must provide the location and dimensions of the property used as a right-of-way. If the person owning the land you use for access to y
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