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How to Buy a Cheap Used Go Kart 2015-07-14

Instructions Start your search locally and avoid buying online. When looking to buy a cheap, used go kart, it's best to look in your immediate area so that you can actually inspect the go kart before purchasing it. Start by searching pawn shops and s

How to Buy a Cheap Condo 2015-07-15

Watch the Market The bust in the country housing market that began in 2006 and continued, with only slight improvement, meant that, as of 2010, it was an ideal time to buy a cheap condo. Look for advertisements in your area. Websites also list condos

How to Buy a Cheap Bed Frame 2015-07-15

Instructions Shop at closeout stores. Companies are constantly selling off their large supply of bed frames to closeout stores. These items will be brand new and cheap! Search in your local paper. People sell their old bed frames whenever they upgrad

How to Buy a Cheap Used iMac 2015-07-15

Instructions Check your local library system. Many libraries receive grants and replace their computers frequently. Join your local Friends of the Library group to receive advance notice about any upcoming sales. Many libraries hold pre-sales for mem

How to Buy Land Cheap 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need savings, if you want to pay in cash Instructions Think about where you want to buy land cheap. You can find cheap land in abundance in New Mexico, Arizona and West Texas if you're looking for lots of acreage. If you just want a bit

Buying Dirt Cheap Stocks 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Discount broker account Instructions Open an account at a discount brokerage like, or (see Resources). If you have an account at Fidelity or another major brokerage you can also buy dirt cheap stocks if you

How to Buy a Cheap Sony Laptop Battery 2015-07-19

How to Buy a Cheap Sony Laptop Battery
Generally speaking, a Sony laptop battery can be used for a couple of years before it completely goes dead. Then you will probably think about buying another original one from Sony distribut ...

Where to Buy Really Cheap Clothes for Toddler Girls 2015-07-14

Resale Shops If you've never traded clothing at a children's resale shop, you're seriously missing out. Gather up all the clothing your little girl has outgrown, leaving out any clothing that's stained or ripped; resale shops typically won't take tho

How to Buy Tuxedo Shoes 2015-07-14

Instructions Choose a toe style. Round toes are traditional for formal footwear, while square toes give a contemporary look to your attire. Often times, a square-toed shoe fits more comfortably. Choose patent leather or faux patent leather if you wan

How to Buy Really Cheap Morgan Silver Dollars 2015-07-15

Instructions Buy a coin book for the current year, which lists the value of a Morgan Silver Dollar. One of the best books for this is The Official Red Book, A Guide Book Of United States Coins 2009. It's a must have for anyone who wants to buy Morgan

How to Buy a Cheap Gibson Guitar 2015-07-15

Vintage Vintage Gibson guitars, particularly those made in the 1960s, are worth thousands of dollars. Don't consider buying any Gibson guitar over 10 years old. Offer Trade When looking for a Gibson guitar to buy, remember that the seller needs money

How to Buy the Best Snow Blower at the Best Price (Buy it Cheap!) 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Internet Credit Card Instructions The very first thing I like to do when making a big purchase such as a snow blower is to shop around on price checking websites that include user reviews. Epinions and PriceGrabber are excellent pl

How to Buy Really Cheap Replacement Sofa Cushions 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Tape measure Couch or quilt cover Foam cutting tool Instructions Measure the sofa cushions you have now or take them with you when you go shopping at a used furniture store. Look for sofa cushions that are the same size or a little

Where Can I Buy a Cheap Lawn Roller 2015-07-15

Home Depot Home Depot has lawn rollers for as cheap as $99. The Brinly 18 x 24-inch poly lawn roller is available online and at their stores. Lowe's The cheapest lawn roller Lowe's has costs $129. The PreciseFit 42-inch poly walk behind lawn roller i

How to Buy a Cheap House With Bad Credit 2015-07-15

Credit Score According to information from the Home Buying Institute, a minimum credit score of 580 is required to purchase a home in the 2010 market. Borrowers who have scores falling below this mark are still able to purchase if they can meet the t
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