Christmas Crafts with Tongue Depressors

Crafts With Tongue Depressors 2015-07-15

Birdhouse Make an easy backyard birdhouse with wooden tongue depressors. Start by making four panels, one for the floor and three walls. For each panel, lay four or five tongue depressors vertically next to each other. Using a hot glue gun, attach tw

Christmas Crafts With Wine Corks 2015-07-15

Cork Wreath A wine cork wreath is an eco-friendly way to add holiday cheer to your home. After washing and drying 20 to 25 wine corks, drill a small hole about a 1/4-inch from the top and bottom of each cork. Thread a piece of green floral wire or je

Christmas Crafts With Milk Jugs 2015-07-14

Sun Catchers or Window Decor Cut out a milk jug's flat sides to use as crafting material for holiday-themed sun catchers and window decorations. Use a craft knife or utility knife to slice the jug apart; if kids are creating the projects, an adult sh

Christmas Crafts With Toilet Paper Rolls 2015-07-15

Christmas Candles According to, the shape of toilet paper tubes makes them ideal for creating Christmas candles. The kids paint the tubes in red or green and add stripes, dots or other patterns to the paint for a custom look. Y

Christmas Crafts With Stuff Around the House 2015-07-15

Embossed Foil Ornaments For simple but effective Christmas tree ornaments, find some aluminum foil, cardstock, scissors and glue. You also need a dried-up ballpoint pen or similar rounded point for embossing the foil. Cut out a star, bell, tree or bi

Easy Christmas Crafts With Paper 2015-07-15

Paper Chain Paper chains are perfect for hanging on casually decorated Christmas trees, or for placing around windows or the fireplace mantel. Use a chain as a way to count the days down to Christmas by removing one link or adding one link for each d

Christmas Crafts With Popsicle Sticks 2015-07-15

Christmas Crafts With Popsicle Sticks
Simple, inexpensive crafts are a must have item for children at Christmas time. Popsicle stick crafts can be used in classrooms, playgroups and homes to create ornaments, gifts or home decor ...

Christmas Soldier Crafts With Terra Cotta Pots 2015-07-15

Sizes of Pots Christmas soldiers can be made in several sizes. Terra cotta pots are readily available in sizes from 1 inch to 10 inches. Make a set of all one size or a set of graduated sizes. Use five of the same size pots for each soldier. The firs

Cute Christmas Crafts for Kids to Make 2015-07-14

Christmas Card Holders Put Christmas cards on display or store them away in festive, handcrafted holders. Create a temporary Christmas card garland holder by letting kids decorate old-fashioned, wooden clothespins with acrylic paint and glitter. Once

Christmas Crafts for Kids Made Out of Recycled Items 2015-07-14

Christmas Crafts for Kids Made Out of Recycled Items
Recycled crafts teach kids about being resourceful. They also make very affordable craft projects, since you don't need to buy a lot of special craft supplies. Christmas crafts made from rec ...

Christmas Crafts for Middle School Children 2015-07-14

Christmas Crafts for Middle School Children
Christmas is a time of year that most children don't need help getting excited about, yet a Christmas craft to add to the holiday festivities doesn't hurt in helping to enhance the Christmas ...

Ideas for Christmas Craft Fairs 2015-07-14

Location Locate the fair well. A Christmas craft fair needs to be easily accessible, in a large open place and close to the local community. Good places to hold a Christmas craft fair include a market place, a parking lot, church grounds, a wide stre

Crafts with Pine Cones 2015-07-14

Natural Garlands Create a pine cone garland by attaching pine cones to a long string of twine. Wrap the twine around each pine cone, and use a hot glue gun to secure the twine in place. A pine cone garland makes a nice addition to Christmas trees, ma

Christmas Crafts Using Clothespins 2015-07-15

Christmas Crafts Using Clothespins
The Christmas season is one of the most popular times of the year for home crafting. The humble clothespin is one of the richest sources of inspiration for inexpensive wooden handicrafts. Co ...

Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids 2015-07-15

Simple Christmas Crafts for Kids
Celebrating Christmas with children by making crafts can help fill time, plus you will get some wonderful decorations. Children's Christmas crafts can be used as gifts, too, and they are oft ...

Christmas Projects With Pipe Cleaners 2015-07-15

Free-form Ornaments Children of all ages can use pipe cleaners to create free-form Christmas ornaments. They can bend the pipe cleaners into simple shapes like stars and circles or link them together to form a chain. Older children can mold them to r

Mexican Christmas Crafts for Kids 2015-07-15

Piñatas Traditionally, Mexican Christmas celebrations begin on December 12th with the birthday of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Some of these celebrations include breaking piñatas filled with small toys and candy. Help your children make a Christmas piñat

Swedish Christmas Crafts for Kids 2015-07-15

Swedish Christmas Crafts for Kids
Many Christmas traditions in Sweden incorporate aspects of the pre-Christian holiday of Jul. Additionally, St. Lucia’s Day, celebrated on Dec. 13, is very much a part of the holiday celebrat ...

German Christmas Crafts for Children 2015-07-15

Countdown to Christmas Calendar Help build the excitement of the season by creating a countdown to Christmas calendar with your children. Traditional German countdown calendars are made with a thick piece of cardboard that has numbered doors cut into

Holland Christmas Crafts For Kids 2015-07-15

Holland Christmas Crafts For Kids
Christmas traditions are different all throughout the world. Holland calls their version of Santa Claus Sinter Klaas and they celebrate on December 5th. A great way to teach kids about diffe ...
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