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How to Make a Wooden Gun Case 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need 6 pieces wood paneling (at least ½ inch thick) 5-by-3 foot thin paneling 2-by-2 inch wood (3 feet long) Nails Hammer Screws Screw gun Varnish or paint Paint brush Lock fixtures Drill Power saw Carpenter's square Tape measure Hinge

How to Recover a Lost Gun Case Key 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Gun case serial number, if available Instructions Look again for your lost gun-case key. Look in clothing normally worn during hunting or shooting firearms, even in boots. Looking in your firearm cleaning supplies and ammo cases. A

How to Make a Fitted Gun Case 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Thick paper Yardstick Pencil Duck canvas Shears Sewing machine, or medium-duty thread and needle Line 24 medium-duty snaps Snap setter Instructions Mark a vertical line 12 inches longer than the firearm down the middle of the paper

TSA Approved Gun Cases 2015-07-15

Hard Pistol Cases There are many hard pistol cases available for storing and transporting your weapon. You will only be able to store one gun per travel case and must keep any ammunition separate. Ensure that hard pistol cases are unlocked when you g

How to Make a Leather Gun Case 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need 8-to 9-ounce (medium-thick) or 10- to 13-ounce (heavy-thick) piece of cowhide leather Heavy-duty shears Pencil Thick paper at least 24 inches wider than the firearm and 12 inches longer Line 24 heavy-duty leather snaps Heavy-duty s

How to Make a Fabric Gun Case 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Canvas or nylon fabric Velvet fabric Needle or sewing machine Thread Scissors Nylon handle or similar handle Zipper Gun Chalk Instructions Lay the gun on the fabric. A sturdy fabric like canvas or nylon is ideal, but any fabric tha

How to Convert Guitar Cases to Gun Cases 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Guitar case Box cutter with new blade Cardboard Pencil Scissors 2-inch, pyramid-style acoustic foam Electrical tape Marker Serrated knife Hot-glue gun Instructions Open the guitar case and carefully remove the existing fabric and p

How to Change the Combination on a Gun Case 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Digital gun safe Existing code Instructions Punch in the existing numerical combination and open the safe door. You should always have the door open when you change the combination. Make sure that the locking bolts are extended bef

How to Change Your Code in a Homak Gun Case 2015-07-14

Instructions Open the door. Enter the factory code, which is printed on the back of your owner's manual. Or enter the old code that you want to change. Push the door after entering the code, and it will open. Press the programming button on the insid

How to Keep a Gun Safe Dry 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Dehumidifying wand Dessicants Electric dehumidifier Instructions Mount a dehumidifier bar or wand on the bottom part of the back wall of your gun case. Many manufacturers supply a universal bracket with the product. Your gun case w

How to Make Capital Letters Lower Case 2015-07-15

Change Case in Word Microsoft Word can change the case of text between five styles: "Sentence Case," "Lowercase," "Uppercase," "Capitalize Each Word," and "Toggle Case." To switch a capitalized line of tex

Car Carry Gun Laws in Florida 2015-07-15

Lawful Ownership As of 2005, under Section 790.25 of the Florida Statue, the right to bear arms by competent law-abiding citizens is recognized (see reference 2). However, it is also recognized that the criminal element or incompetent citizens must n

TSA Rules for Spring BB Guns 2015-07-15

Declare the Gun Before you check your bag containing the Spring BB Gun, you must declare the gun to the ticket counter attendant of the airline you are flying. The attendant must have notification that you are checking a gun so he may warn any securi

Connecticut Laws on BB Guns 2015-07-15

Purchase Restrictions It is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to buy a BB gun, though parents are allowed to purchase one and give it to their children. As part of purchasing a gun for a minor, a parent assumes responsibility of properly trainin

Florida Laws on Guns in the Vehicle 2015-07-15

No Permit Required Relatively lenient regulations in the state of Florida allow gun owners over the age of 18 to carry a firearm in a vehicle with only minimal restrictions. According to Sheriff Mike Scott of Lee County, Florida, a gun owner may carr

How to Travel With a Gun in Illinois 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Locked gun case (hard-covered if you are flying) Instructions Obtain a legal gun permit, or Firearm Owners Identification Card, if you want to travel with a firearm. The permit can be obtained at the Illinois State Police website o

Gun & Knife Shows in the State of Michigan 2015-07-15

Monroe Gun & Knife Show Featuing 400 tables, the Monroe Gun & Knife Show is held in the MBT Expo Center at the Monroe County Fairgrounds. The town of Monroe is located in the southeast corner of the state along the shores of Lake Erie. An event he

Gun Rack Laws 2015-07-15

General Lawmakers in Minnesota and Illinois (pending approval) have created laws that make open gun racks illegal methods of transportation. In these states, guns must be transported in cases that are completely enclosed. The guns must be unloaded an

How to Transport a BB Gun in Public 2015-07-15

How to Transport a BB Gun in Public
Things You'll Need BB gun Car with a trunk or a gun case Container to hold BBs Instructions Unload your BB gun and place the BBs in a closed container. If you will be traveling by car to you ...
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