Employee Newsletter

How to Get Ideas for an Employee Newsletter 2015-07-15

Instructions Frequent the lunch room. Going where the employees go is the first step in finding out what's going on. Hanging around in the lunch room while employees relax and chat about their day will present several story ideas. Also, in the lunch

How to Write an Employee Newsletter 2015-07-15

Instructions Design a layout. Decide how many pages you want your newsletter to be--long enough for substance, short enough to repeat each month. Format your pages with headers and footers, page numbers and a masthead. Get article ideas. Make a list

Ideas for Naming a Work Newsletter 2015-07-15

Newspaper Style Christen your business newsletter in the style of a metropolitan newspaper if you wish to pay homage to classic media and create an impression of sober, reliable news. Such a style is particularly suited to a newsletter that will cont

How to Select an Employee of the Month 2015-07-15

Instructions Convene a meeting of executives, department managers and representatives from the rank and file to explore the subject of setting up an Employee of the Month program. Discuss nomination and selection criteria, and suggest appropriate awa

How to Start an Employee of the Month Award 2015-07-15

Instructions Involve the employees in setting the criteria for participation in the program. Determine how long an individual must be employed in order to be eligible for EOM. Choose a date each month to select the EOM. Place the name of all eligible

April Newsletter Ideas 2015-07-15

April Fools April Fools is known as a day filled with hoaxes, gags and good humored fun. Make sure the April newsletter is read cover to cover with a special contest. Create a special "fooler" article describing a silly event or false news item.

Jobs That Require Good Writing Skills 2015-07-14

Journalist In order to convey the news of the world in a concise, effective manner, a journalist must possess good writing skills. A journalist must also be able to adapt his writing style to fit the audience. For example, an article you write that's

How to Rent a Private House 2015-07-15

Finding a Home Choose the neighborhood where you want to rent. Consider commute to work, quality of the schools, character of the neighborhood and other factors. Cruise the neighborhood. Some rental homes will have a "for rent" sign in the yard.

How to Improve Professional Ethics 2015-07-15

Instructions Search for ethics guidelines within your profession. Doctors, journalists and lawyers all adhere to a professional code of ethics. Introducing employees to these codes can help them understand what is expected of them and how to conduct

The Importance of Newsletters in Business 2015-07-15

What Is a Newsletter? A newsletter is a short publication (usually one or two pages) that lists short articles of information, usually about an organization. A professional newsletter has an attractive template and clearly outlined sections for reade

How to Write Short Company Newsletter Bios of Employees 2015-07-15

Instructions Make time to interview the employee, ideally in person but over the phone if you must. Looking through an employee's personnel folder for information is no substitute for observing her, listening to her and enjoying the give-and-take of

Safety Newsletter Ideas 2015-07-14

Success Stories Interview and feature an employee in each issue. Focus on how the person incorporates safety measures into his daily schedule. Highlight any story where an employee followed safety measures and ended up saving your company money, avoi

Ideas for a June Newsletter 2015-07-14

Make it Personal People like to read stories about themselves, their families and others they know. If someone has an interesting story of courage or triumph that took place in June, even if not the present year, interview them and write the story fo

Interpersonal Skills in Managers Versus Employees 2015-07-14

Interpersonal Skills Unlike technical skills, interpersonal skills are often subjective traits you use to interact with people. These include listening, communication, fairness, loyalty, leadership, confidence, understanding and sensitivity. Concepts

How to Write a Newsletter Proposal 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Computer Internet access Word processing software Instructions Research the company that you will be writing for, including what the company does, items they sell, information they distribute and objectives of their business. Ask q

The Difference Between a Newsletter & a Press Release 2015-07-14

Audience One common difference is the target audience. Press releases, as the name implies, are designed to be disseminated to outside media outlets. They are a form of external communications that work best when disseminated widely. Newsletters, in

HR Newsletter Ideas 2015-07-14

Employee of the Month Every company has great employees who deserve to be recognized for their achievements. By implementing an 'Employee of the Month' section in your HR newsletter, you'll be able to accomplish two things: one, publicly recognizing

How to Write a Business Newsletter for Christmas 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Microsoft Word or comparable software Clip art Instructions Gather a list of news that you want to include in the newsletter. Focus extra attention on family-oriented company achievements. Write in a less formal tone than what woul

Newsletter Objectives 2015-07-15

New Personnel Whether your company is a small handful of people or spread out over the globe, it can be difficult to get a sense of your fellow employees. When you have an internal newsletter, an objective may be to announce new hires so that employe
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