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How to Recover Family Tree Maker Files 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need External drive or blank CD Instructions Open Family Tree Maker. Open the File menu and select "Backup." The backup will automatically be named with the current date. Under "Backup location" select "Removable med

How to Import a Family Tree Maker File 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need FTW, PAF or GED files Instructions Open Family Tree Maker on your computer. Click on "File" then "Append/Merge" from the options. Click on "Yes" to back up your existing file if you already have data in you

How to Make a Family Tree Online for Kids 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Index cards Pencil Instructions Encourage your children to do some research before attempting to make the tree. Give them a pack of index cards and some pencils, and suggest that they interview family members in preparation for mak

How to Start a Family Tree 2015-07-19

How to Start a Family Tree
For people who want to know more about their own history, a family tree makes a lot of sense. Creating one of these documents can be important for a variety of reasons, including everything ...

Family Tree Rules 2015-07-14

Hierarchy Even basic family trees typically abide by one basic rule: the tree is set up as a hierarchy. Whether you place the current generation at the bottom or top of the tree is up to you. Place each generation in a unique horizontal row. For exam

Family Tree Presentation Ideas 2015-07-14

Standard Charts There are three standard charts that are typically used by genealogists for organizing and presenting family tree information. Pedigree charts, which are diagrams of direct lineages, are the most standard. There are also family group

How to Make a Family Tree for an Online Website 2015-07-19

How to Make a Family Tree for an Online Website
Many people nowadays are quite interested in learning about their family trees and genealogical maps. However, most people start off their genealogy research without knowing the amount of ti ...

How to Make a Family Tree Online 2015-07-19

With advanced technology, Internet, and computers, we are now able to complete large and difficult tasks such as creating a family tree, with the push of a button. This article will explain how to quickly and easily make your own family tree online.S

How to Make a Wooden Family Tree 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Paint Brushes Wood Carving Tools Wood Burner Hooks Instructions Use wood carving tools to carve your family tree. If you enjoy the process of wood carving or think it might be a great hobby for you, then carving your family tree on

How to Make a Family Tree 2015-07-15

Instructions Decide on what information you want represented on your family tree and how many generations you want to include. Do you want important dates and events? What about significant contributions? Gather your basic information by doing some r

How to Make a Family Tree for the 5th Grade 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Notebook Pen Poster board Permanent marker Instructions Research your family history by talking with relatives. Start with your parents, asking them to name relatives and how they relate as far back as they know of on both their mo

Easy Way to Make a Family Tree 2015-07-14

Talk to Your Family If you have never made a family tree, you probably will not know where to start. The first thing you need to do is talk with family members. Start by making a list of everyone you know that belongs in your family tree. Talk to as

How to Make a Family Tree for Children 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Paper Poster paint Paint brush Instructions Decide how many generations you want to record. Draw or paint a brown tree trunk in the center of a large sheet of paper, starting at the bottom of the page. Paint a brown branch on each

How to Make a Family Tree for Preschoolers 2015-07-15

How to Make a Family Tree for Preschoolers
Things You'll Need Stick with small branches coming off on both sides Green craft foam sheets Scissors String or yarn Hole punch Permanent marker Sand Plastic container Instructions Sit down ...

How to Create a Family Tree Online 2015-07-14

Instructions Gather all of your family information by talking to relatives and close family friends. Use email to conveniently document the information in writing. Try the phone for those older folks who are unfamiliar with a computer. You're looking

How to Make a Family Tree Using a Free Template 2015-07-14

Instructions Brainstorm a list of ideas regarding your family tree with your family. Before choosing a template, you must decide how large you want the family tree to be (in other words, how many generations), and whether you want a basic chart or a

How to Make a Family Tree With Adoptive Kids 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Family tree software Computer Printer Family information Creating a Family Tree with Adoptive Kids Open your family tree software program. If you do not have one, there are two free options. The first, called PAF, is from The Churc

How to Make a Family Tree in Microsoft Word 2015-07-14

Instructions Launch Microsoft Word 2013. Open a new blank document and click the “Insert” tab. Click the “SmartArt” button in the Illustrations section of the ribbon. Click the “Hierarchy” link in the left column of SmartArt options. Select one of th
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