Fight Nausea Naturally

How to Use Ginger to Fight Nausea 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Fresh gingerroot Paring knife Instructions Gnaw on a piece of fresh ginger. After you peel the skin with a paring knife, this is the quickest way to get the most amount of ginger into your system. Dice, mince or grind the fresh gin

Help for Nausea With the Flu 2015-07-15

Food Give your stomach a rest when you feel nauseous. For two hours don't eat or drink anything. Then slowly start eating bland foods such as toast, saltine crackers, bread, applesauce, bananas and gelatin. Eat small, frequent meals and eat slowly. A

What to Eat to Stop Nausea 2015-07-14

BRAT Diet A BRAT diet consists of bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. These items are known to help control nausea due to their being bland. A BRAT Diet is good for those with gastrointestinal problems and diarrhea. Ginger Ginger in various forms is

How to Keep Dogs in the Same House From Fighting 2015-07-14

Making Introductions When a second dog comes to live in your house, your first pup usually regards the home as his territory. Turning a second dog loose in the home can result in your faithful companion defending his territory. Make introductions awa

How to Stop Nausea From Gastroparesis 2015-07-21

Good Foods for Expecting Mothers 2015-07-14

Whole Grains Expecting mothers should eat about nine servings of whole grains per day, according to the Food Guide Pyramid. To make the whole grain quota for the day, eat sandwiches with whole grain bread for lunch. Whole grain toast with breakfast m

Psychology of Business Names 2015-07-14

The Emotional Connection Psychological studies on brand names, as discussed by mental health information portal Psych Central, found that brand names hold a special neurological status in the brain, distinct from mere word recognition. These names en

How to Treat a Tooth Abscess 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Garlic capsules\nVitamin C\nBaking soda\nSalt\nCotton ball\nTeabag\nClove powder\nAnbesol or Orajel\nIbuprofen\nIce pack Fight Infection Take one garlic capsule three times per day to fight infection naturally, as garlic is a natur

Laurel Falls Trail in Tennessee 2015-07-14

About Laurel Falls Laurel Falls, one of the more popular attractions in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, is an 80-foot-high waterfall accessible only via the Laurel Falls Trail. The falls -- named for the mountain laurel shrub that typically bloo

Is Cinnamon Safe for Kids 2015-07-15

Health Benefits You'd probably never consider plopping a scoop of cinnamon on your child's plate, but incorporating it into your cooking repertoire can improve her health. Cinnamon can help with digestive complaints, according to the Families Eating

How to Play French Horn With the Proper Embouchure 2015-07-15

Instructions Hold the corners of your mouth tight in a slight smile. Keep the center of the lips relaxed so you can get a controlled, even sound when you make a buzz with your mouth. The lips should not flap or make a lot of loose noise when you buzz

Taking Unisom While Pregnant 2015-07-15

Unisom Unisom is an over-the-counter sleep aid that is available in three forms. The form of Unisom often used to fight nausea during pregnancy is the sleep tablet containing 25 mg of the active ingredient doxylamine succinate. The other two forms of

How to Get Rid of Estrogen 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Cup Grapefruit juice Instructions Drink grapefruit juice. Grapefruit juice has a certain quality that eliminates estrogen in the body. It actually works by blocking something called estradiol from being broken down by the liver. Th

Hairstyles for Picture Day 2015-07-15

Hairstyles for Picture Day
Picture-day hairstyles should be simple and classic, lessening how outdated you look when you look at those pictures 30 years later. For younger children, picture-day hairstyles should alway ...

How to Heal Anxiety and Find a Life Worth Living 2015-07-19

How to Succeed in Business if You Are an Introvert 2015-07-19

How to Succeed in Business if You Are an Introvert
Does the idea of a small talk make you cringe? Does the thought of making a cold call fill you with horror? Many (although not all) introverts find the idea of having to sell themselves or t ...

How to Prune a Schefflera Plant 2015-07-21

How to Prune a Schefflera Plant
Two Parts:Assessing Your PlantTrimming Your PlantPart 1 of 2: Assessing Your Plant1Examine your schefflera to see if it has a single stem or several stems. This will influence how you go abo ...
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