Framing Nailers

Siding Nailer Vs. Framing Nailer 2015-07-14

Purpose Framing nailers exist to help erect wooden frames, hence their name. You can use a framing nailer to nail any two pieces of lumber together. These tools provide general assistance in erecting wood-framed buildings. Siding nailers exist specif

How to Choose a Framing Nailer 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Internet access (optional) Hardware store that offers high-quality tools Instructions Determine that the size and scope of your project list justifies the use and need of a framing nailer. A framing nailer is the single largest pne

21 Vs. 28 Degree Nailers 2015-07-15

Nailing Angle Both 21 and 28 degree nailers are framing guns. A framing nailer is a pneumatic air nailer designed for nailing the framing structure of residential or wood-framed industrial structures. Framing nailers are about speed and production. T

What Kind of Nail Gun Do You Use to Work on 2X4 Boards 2015-07-14

Framing Nailer Framing nailers are specifically designed to be used with framing or roughing-in a house. They shoot longer nails, typically 3 inches, into the 2-by-4 material when framing a house. Framing is the internal structure that makes up the s

A Roofing Nailer Vs. a Siding Nailer 2015-07-15

Nailer Basics Nailers are power tools that use air, electricity or even gunpowder to drive nails through surfaces. Numerous types of nailers exist, though all of them perform the same basic function, that of attaching a material to a surface by drivi

Tools Used to Build a House 2015-07-15

Foundation Use a steel tape measure for the most accurate measurements since steel does not stretch as much as plastic and other kinds of tape measure materials. Tape measures of 50 feet or more are best for foundations. Earthwork is a major part of

Tools Needed for Framing 2015-07-15

Measuring Device The retractable tape measure is an indispensable item on any house framing job site. Most carpenters use a measure with a tape length from 16 to 30 feet. The tape blade is typically ¾ or an inch wide, made from thin metal and printed

How to Change a Framed Shower Door to Frameless 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Putty knife Phillips-head screwdriver 3/8-inch wood shims Tape measure Frameless glass door Door hinges Hinge screws Drill with 1/4-inch drill bit #10 screws Wall anchors Door handle Screw set U-channel panel track Silicone caulkin

Rough Framing Tips for Custom Shower Stalls 2015-07-14

Marking Before you nail any framing lumber in place you'll need to make grease or chalk marks where the walls of the shower will be added. Framing a custom shower stall requires you to lay out your design on paper first so you can set the studs the c

Framing Techniques for Vaulted Ceilings 2015-07-14

Collar Ties Collar ties are horizontal framing members that are essentially ceiling joists that have been moved upward to span the distance between the rafters higher than the top of the walls. They still tie the rafters together, but they no longer

How to Lower a Ceiling With Wood Framing 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Hammer Measuring tape Wood boards Circular saw Instructions Remove the material that covers the wood framing, such as the drywall or tiles. If paneling remains on the ceiling once you remove the visible ceiling coverings, pry the n

How Close to Framing Should Recessed Lighting Be 2015-07-14

Components of Recessed Lights The lamp housing, commonly referred to as the can, only gets hot when the bulb is in use. The small box on the top of the can, however, contains wiring and components; in most models this box generates its own heat. It i

The Details of Door Width for Framing a Rough Opening 2015-07-14

Door Sizing It's usually best to start with the door, then frame the opening according to the door width. The reason for this is that most doors come in standard sizes, and without knowing the size, it's next to impossible to plan for the width you n

SlabonGrade vs. Framed Flooring 2015-07-14

Residential Building Blocks To compare slab-on-grade to elevated framed flooring systems, it helps to know how each of these systems fit into the home construction process. A slab-on-grade foundation consists of a concrete slab, several inches thick

Framing Basics for a 5/12 Gable Roof 2015-07-14

Pitch The pitch of a roof is indicated by a ratio of its horizontal dimension to its vertical dimension; it is usually expressed as a fraction that shows how many inches the roof will rise in 12 inches of horizontal distance. In a gable roof with a 5

Furring vs. Framing 2015-07-14

Framing Frame construction is the standard method by which most houses are built. Framing, also called stick framing, is the second stage of the building process, following the construction of the foundation. A framing crew uses dimensional lumber to

How to Install Long Span Header in Balloon Framing 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Measuring tape Pencil Headers, 2 inches by 12 inches Hammer Rubber mallet Nails Studs Instructions Measure the distance for the opening. Measure to the studs that are closest to the outer edge of the hole you want to make. Record t

National Building Codes for Framing Floor Joists 2015-07-14

Bearing Partitions According to Section R502.4 of the 2009 edition of the International Residential Code, joists under parallel load-bearing walls must be big enough to support the weight of the load they bear. Doubled joists that are separated so pi

Second Floor House Framing Techniques 2015-07-14

Rim Joist Construction The rim joist boards, typically 2-by-10s or 2-by-12s, install edgewise around the perimeter of the first floor top wall plate, also called the tie plate. The outside of the rim joist is flush with the stud wall beneath to ensur

The Framing Process of a Dishwasher 2015-07-14

The Opening The opening for the dishwasher must meet the specific size requirements for the dishwasher. Generally, the openings should be 34 1/2 inches high from the floor to the bottom of the countertop and 24 inches deep and wide. The back wall of
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