fun weekend activities

Fun Weekend Activities for Kids 2015-07-15

Backyard Campout Organize a backyard campout, including a tent, campfire, marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate pieces. Involve your kids in planning and preparing for the campout, so they take ownership of the activity. Ask them to help set up

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids & Adults 2015-07-15

Mind Games Family games are a time-honored way to create fun indoor activities for kids and adults alike. With young children, simple board games like Chutes & Ladders will fill the bill. Older kids may enjoy playing Monopoly, checkers or chess. It's

School Fun Day Activities 2015-07-15

Indoor A fun day can be as simple as having a party in the classroom or gymnasium. Activities for fun days involving younger students should be appropriate to their age. Direct young students in classic games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, bobbing

Fun Classroom Activities for Middle School 2015-07-15

Contests The possibilities for contests, which can be great fun, are endless and adaptable for any subject area. For learning to estimate in math class, fill jars with water, marbles, erasers or other items and give kids a few days to come up with ho

Fun Family Activities in Salt Lake City 2015-07-14

Fun Family Activities in Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City sits between the Oquirrh and Wasatch mountain ranges and the Great Salt Lake. Families living in or visiting Utah's capital city will find a large selection of activities to e ...

Fun Couples Activities in New York 2015-07-14

Take a Tour in Central Park Central Park is a huge place that offers a myriad of activities and amenities. The park offers three different kinds of tours including guided, self guided, and custom options. The official conservancy historian can help y

Fun Family Activities in Birmingham, Alabama 2015-07-14

Nature Calls Spread across 122 acres, Birmingham Zoo houses approximately 950 animals from six different continents. Hands-on experiences include brushing sheep in the children’s barn, riding camels, touching rhino horns and feeding critters such as

Fun Physical Activities for Kids 2015-07-15

Scavenger Hunt Make a scavenger hunt for your kids indoors or outdoors. Hide several small plastic toys or pieces of candy around the house or in the backyard. Give your kids a small paper sack to store their "treasures" as they find them. When

Fun & Cheap Activities for Kids in Orlando 2015-07-15

Mini Amusement Parks Fun Spot Orlando, a 15-acre carnival-style amusement park, costs a fraction of what the major Orlando theme parks costs. Fun Spot has two roller coasters, including Orlando's only wooden roller coaster, thrill rides like SkyCoast

How to Plan Fun MotherDaughter Activities 2015-07-15

Instructions Structure your mother-daughter activity around a shared interest or hobby. That way, you'll be able to bond over a shared experience and memory. If you're both into crafting, for instance, you could take a craft course offered through yo

Fun Outdoor Activities for Teens 2015-07-15

Group Activities If your teen has a group of friends around, set them up with an outdoor activity that won’t seem too childish, such as a camera scavenger hunt. Most teens have cameras on their cell phones, so give them a list of objects they have to

Fun FirstDayofSchool Activities for the 5th Grade 2015-07-15

Introduce Yourself Students are used to participating in get-to-know-you activities with each other at the beginning of the school year, but teachers often forget to let students know about themselves. Create a KWL chart about yourself with your stud

Fun Classroom Activities for Middle School Students 2015-07-15

Fun Classroom Activities for Middle School Students
Fun activities for middle school students are a great way to kill extra time or keep middle schoolers occupied on a snowy or rainy day. With basic materials and some creativity, these activi ...

Fun Family Activities for All Ages 2015-07-14

Fun Family Activities for All Ages
Local Attractions Museums. Enjoy a day at a local museum. With a little research, you can probably find one that focuses on subjects that interest your family: art, history, science, and mor ...

Fun Irish Activities for Kids 2015-07-14

Dance a Jig Teach your children a simple jig and dance about to traditional Celtic music. The local library may carry CDs of Celtic jigs you could borrow, and they might even include dance steps or lyrics. Jigs emphasize footwork and hands are kept l

Fun Horse Activities for Kids 2015-07-14

Broom Polo Polo has been a favorite equine activity for hundreds of years, but most of us do not have a polo mallet lying around the barn. However, chances are good that there is an extra broom around somewhere. To get a game of broom polo going, all

How to Find Fun Indoor Activities for Children 2015-07-14

Instructions Go to your library branch's website and take a look at the calendar to see what's scheduled there. Head over to your library with your kids to check out some books, play some games, or attend a story time or other children's program. Che

Fun Fruit Activities for Kids 2015-07-15

Learn the Alphabet and Numbers with Fruit Play scavenger hunt and challenge your children to search the kitchen for fruits beginning with every letter of the alphabet. Make an alphabet booklet using fruit photos clipped from magazines. Count the numb

Fun Family Activities in Las Vegas 2015-07-15

Attractions Las Vegas is home to America's largest indoor theme park, Adventuredome. This 5 1/2-acre glass dome holds enough rides to occupy any family. There are high-speed roller coasters like the Canyon Blaster and rides such as the Sling Shot. Th
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