HTML Iframe Inf Virus 2015

About HTML:iframeinf 2015-07-14

Characteristics HTML iframe-inf mainly infects WordPress websites. WordPress is a blogging tool and contains a standard directory structure and standard file names for each site that implements it. This identical structure enables HTML iframe-inf to

Does Unbounce Use iFrames 2015-07-14

What are Iframes? Iframes are small sections of code you use to display an external Web page. The iframe lets you have a frame within a main Web page frame. You can set the height and width of the frame, which is useful when working with the Unbounce

How to Use JavaScript to Get the iFrame Parent URL 2015-07-14

Instructions Paste the following HTML code into a blank text document to create the parent page that contains an inline frame: <html> <body> <iframe src="iframe.html"></iframe> </body> </html> Save this page t

How to Use iFrame in JSP 2015-07-14

Instructions Click on the Windows "Start" button, click on "All Programs," click on "Accessories," then click on "Notepad." Copy and paste the following code into Notepad: <html> <iframe src="file.jsp&

How to Center an Iframe 2015-07-15

Instructions Open your HTML editor and load the file that has the iframe coded. Type "align=middle" into the HTML iframe code. The code below is an example of a centered iframe: <iframe src="my_file.html" align="middle">

How Can I Display a Specific Part of Another Web Page on My Site 2015-07-15

Using the PHP "Include()" Function Create a new file in your plain text or code editor and save it with an extension of either .HTML or .PHP. If the new page you make will include PHP code on it, then save it as a .PHP file. This is the page you

How to Embed Evernote Notes 2015-07-15

Instructions Sign into your account at Click the note you want to embed. Click the arrow icon on the "Share" button in the upper-right corner. Select "Link" from the drop-down menu. Right-click the URL and select "Co

How to Make a Form for Your Facebook Page With Google Docs 2015-07-15

Instructions Navigate to and sign in to your Google Docs account -- create an account if you don't already have one. Click "Create" and select "Form." Add form elements using the Google Docs form-creation tool. Your wor

How to Put a Flag Counter on Your Facebook Page 2015-07-15

Instructions Visit the Flag Counter website at Choose between three display modes on the main page under "Choose Your Own Options and Appearance": Top Countries, Flag Map and U.S. States. Select a value corresponding to the maxi

How to Make an iframe Transparent in HTML 2015-07-14

Instructions Open one of your HTML documents using a text editor or an HTML editor. Locate the document's style section and paste the following CSS code into that section: .transparent { filter:alpha(opacity=50); opacity: 0.50; } This CSS class named

How to Resize IFrames in HTML 2015-07-15

Instructions Edit the html document. Go to the lines of html that set the iframe. Change the height and width properties of the iframe to a percentage or pixel size. For example, "iframe height="50%"" or "iframe width="400px.

How to Load an HTML Page in an iFrame 2015-07-15

Instructions Open Notepad. Type the following: <html> <body> <h1> Using Iframes</h1> <iframe src="Enter the URL to load" width="500" height="400"></iframe> </body> </html> The c

The Cons of Using an Iframe 2015-07-15

Browser Support Problems As a general user of the Internet, you probably do not realize all the special coding required to accommodate millions of users and the various settings on each computer. While the major browsers such as Explorer, Firefox and

How to Get Rid of Viruses on a Website 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need FTP Program Notepad Instructions Check that your anti-virus and anti-spyware software is up to date. Run a system scan if you receive an alert while browsing your website. Delete any spyware or virus traces from your computer and d

How to Read iFrame Content in JavaScript 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Plain-text editor Access to a Web server FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application Instructions Launch the plain-text editor application that is available on your computer. Enter the following code into the text editor. <html> <

How to Change the Content of an iFrame With JavaScript 2015-07-14

Instructions Create a new HTML file using an HTMlL editor or the Notepad. Enter the HTML headers for the file. For example, type: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "

How to Set the Width & Height of an iFrame 2015-07-14

Instructions Launch your text editor and click "File" and then "Open" from the menu bar to open the HTML source code for your Web page. Traverse to the body portion of the HTML code and define an iFrame using the following syntax: &quo

JavaScript Target iFrame Document Tutorial 2015-07-14

Instructions Add an iFrame to your web page by copying and pasting the code below into the HTML body. The code will nest a web page within the current one. The new page will be 80 percent of the size of the original, will have a thin border around it
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