Intangible Assets List

How to Account for Goodwill & Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

Goodwill Calculate the goodwill arising on acquisition. Ascertain the price paid to acquire the new business, and from this deduct the net assets that you acquired. Obtain a copy of the latest balance sheet for the acquired business to confirm that t

Is Notes Receivable an Intangible Asset 2015-07-15

Notes Receivable Notes receivable is not an intangible asset in accounting methodology. These notes typically occur when a company issues a promissory note to customers. The note is a physical representation of an agreement to pay a dollar amount to

What Are the Two Main Characteristics of Intangible Assets 2015-07-14

Intangible Intangible means that an asset does not take physical form in the same way as a factory, machine or retail outlet does. The definition covers the asset itself rather than the expression of an asset. For example, a business may hold patent

Should a Deferred Tax Asset Be Considered an Intangible Asset 2015-07-14

Intangible Assets Intangible assets are assets that you cannot see or touch. Some assets such as stocks or bonds may seem intangible, but since they have a clear market value, the IRS does not view them as intangible. Assets such as cash, real estate

Problems of Intangible Assets in Accounting Principles 2015-07-14

Identification One of the first challenges associated with accounting for intangible assets is identifying them. Intangible assets are not physical assets that can be easily recognized. In some cases, perceptions may clash and what may seem like an i

Are Employees Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

Intangible Assets An intangible asset is something a company uses but has no physical representation. Items like copyrights, patents, trademarks and rights to use contracts are common intangible assets. Under GAAP rules, employees are not intangible

The Definition of Tangible & Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

Physical Presence Tangible assets can be seen and touched. In many cases, such as computers and equipment, you can pick them up, move them and even trade them. The thing that makes them assets instead of just objects is that they provide value and ca

What Is an Intangible Asset 2015-07-15

Good Will A common type of intangible asset in the business world is a concept referred to as good will. Good will is the value of a business based on its reputation and market recognition. Good will is not something you can grab hold of or transfer

The Depreciation of Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

Definition Assets fall into two categories: tangible and intangible. Tangible assets are material assets, such as a house, a car and business equipment. Intangible assets have no physical substance, making them harder to determine value. Examples of

Amortization of Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

Definition of Amortization Accountants amortize a purchase by accounting for part of the price of the asset each year of its useful life. An accountant must determine the period over which the asset will generate revenue for the company, which is cal

What Kind of Intangible Assets Are Loan Acquisition Costs 2015-07-15

Loan Origination Lenders issue loans after they complete a loan origination. This process ensues after the applicant, or the borrower, requests a loan for certain purposes, such as starting a substantial home improvement or purchasing a home. The app

How to Journalize Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

Journalizing Limited-Life Intangibles Total the cost of acquiring or purchasing the intangible asset. If you purchased a patent, trademark or franchise license from another party, for example, the total cost equals the purchase price of the intangibl

How to Report Intangible Assets on a Balance Sheet 2015-07-15

Instructions Compute the cost of the intangible asset. This includes the acquisition cost and any associated fees to secure the rights and privileges of the item. Post the total cost into the general ledger. Debit an asset account and credit payables

Is a Franchise an Intangible Asset 2015-07-15

Franchise Definition A franchise business refers to a business model designed by one company, the franchisor. The franchisor provides information regarding the business model, business training, advice or equipment to the entrepreneur, or franchisee.

How to Transfer Intangible Assets to a Corporation 2015-07-15

Instructions Value the assets. Before you can transfer an intangible asset, you must determine its value so you can pay taxes on the transaction, if necessary. Intangible assets are unique, and establishing value is subjective by necessity. Use a val

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tangible and Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

The Advantages of Tangible Assets A company with a high value in tangible assets can always be liquidated and turned into cash. Businesses in higher-risk industries, such as banking and finance, use their tangible assets to reassure investors. As lon

How to Calculate the Total of Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

Instructions Determine the amount of purchased intangible assets. When intangible assets are acquired through an arm’s length transaction with other companies or individuals, the asset is recorded at cost. An arm’s length transaction takes place betw

GAAP and Valuation of Intangible Assets 2015-07-15

GAAP The Financial Accounting Standards Board is the private-sector organization that sets GAAP, generally with the SEC's express approval. In other words, the agency recognizes the standard-setting authority and technical expertise of FASB members -

Is Prepaid Insurance an Intangible Asset 2015-07-15

Prepaid Assets A prepaid asset is an item for which a company pays but doesn't receive the full benefit from the item. Prepaid insurance is among the most common prepaid assets. A company may pay the full premiums when purchasing an insurance policy.
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