Marital Property Maryland

Missouri Marital Property Laws 2015-07-15

Marital Vs. Nonmarital Property Before dividing property, a Missouri court must determine whether the property is marital or nonmarital. Nonmarital property is defined in Missouri Revised Statute 452.330.2 and includes anything one spouse acquired be

Can a Lien Be Put Against Marital Property 2015-07-15

Judgment Liens To place a lien on your property, a creditor must first sue you or your spouse for a court decision -- a judgment -- that you owe the money. The creditor can then file the judgment with the county holding your property, creating the li

South Carolina Marital Property and Dower Laws 2015-07-15

Legal Significance of Dower "Dower" is a legal term found in common-law principles, rather than established by a statute. Dower rights gave a life-estate interest in one-third of a husband's real property to his wife upon his death. Real propert

What Are the Marital Property Laws in Connecticut 2015-07-15

Equitable Property Distribution Judges must divide property equitably after considering each spouse’s contributions to the marriage and each spouse’s economic circumstances. Marital property includes real property, personal property, expectancies or

Discovered Marital Property After Divorce 2015-07-15

Pending Cases The entry of an absolute divorce decree does not destroy existing claims for community property division or equitable distribution of marital property. If a claim is properly preserved prior to the entry of a divorce judgment, the case

Marital Property Laws in Alabama 2015-07-15

Basic Property Distribution Alabama distributes property in a divorce on the basis of "equitable distributions." In an equitable distribution of property, the court seeks to give each spouse a fair share of all the property, both assets and debt

Maryland State Property Law on Pensions & Retirement Plans 2015-07-14

Pensions as Marital Property Pensions and retirement plan contributions that were earned during the marriage are considered part of the “marital property”, unless specifically excluded by a valid prenuptial agreement. Contributions earned during sepa

How to Divorce in Maryland 2015-07-19

How to File For Divorce in Maryland Without an Attorney. If you have Children or no Minor Children, you can follow this simple guide with the divorce requirements and laws for the State of Maryland.Steps1Maryland Judicial Forms. - Download the Necess

Community Property Laws for an Unmarried Couple in Louisiana 2015-07-14

Unmarried Cohabitants Most states do not recognize the rights of unmarried cohabitants. However, a few states enacted civil union or domestic partnership laws giving domestic partners rights to property after they separate. States such as California

What Rights Do Spouses Have With Property in Florida 2015-07-14

Non-Marital Property Non-marital, or separate, property includes anything you had before you got married, and you can often keep this property in a divorce. If you owned a beachfront condo before you tied the knot, it's yours, but if it appreciated i

What Is Common Law Property 2015-07-14

The History of Common Law Until the mid-1800s, married women could not own property. All of a marriage's assets were considered by law to belong to the husband. If he divorced her, she had no rights unless he caused the breakup of the marriage and sh

Is a Personal Injury Settlement Community Property 2015-07-15

Community Property There are ten community property states, designated as such because the law considers all property that either party earns while married to be property of the marital community. If the parties should divorce, all of this community
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