Nikon Wireless Adapter

How to Use a Wireless Modem as a Wireless Adapter 2015-07-14

Instructions Plug your wireless modem into one of your laptop's USB ports, and if necessary, turn the modem on. Right-click on the "Network" icon in the lower-right corner of the desktop and select "Connect to a Network." The wireless

How to Detect a Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Instructions Click "Start," then right-click on "Computer." Select "Properties" from the pop-up menu. The Windows System window will open. Click the "Device Manager" text link on the left pane of the window. The Dev

How to Use an Xbox 360 Wireless Adapter on a PC 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Ethernet cable Instructions Turn your computer. Allow the computer to start up and then hook it to your router or modem with an Ethernet cable. You will need to have access to the Internet in order to download updated drivers to ru

How to Install a Wireless Adapter on a Mac 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Wireless network USB wireless adapter AirPort Express Installation Insert the AirPort Express installation disc into your optical drive. Click "Continue" and follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation of Air

My Wireless Adapter Is Not Working With My Laptop 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Wireless adapter installation CD Instructions Install the driver of the wireless adapter to your computer. Place the wireless adapter installation disc into your computer's optical drive and follow the instructions that will flash

How to Hook Up a Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Instructions Plug your wireless USB adapter into an open USB port on your computer. If you've purchased a wireless USB adapter, all you have to do is connect it to any USB port you have. It doesn't even require a power cable; it uses your computer as

How to Fix a HP Pavilion 6000 Wireless Adapter Problem 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Phillips screwdriver Needle-nose pliers Wireless mini PCI adapter Instructions Open the Start menu and access the "Control Panel" window. Click the "System and Maintenance" link and then click "Device Manager.&q

How to Make a Bridge Connection Using a Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Computer with wireless adapter Instructions Click the Start menu and access the control panel. From there, find the "Network Connections" icon,and double-click it to access the "Network Connections" window. Locate yo

How to Reset the Wireless Adapter in Windows 7 2015-07-15

Instructions Open the "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu. Type "adapter" into the Control Panel search box. From the search results listed, select the "View Network Connections" option from the "Network and

How to Enable å Wireless Adapter in a Compaq Presario F700 2015-07-15

Instructions Open the lid on your Compaq Presario F700 and locate the wireless adapter toggle button. This button is located next to the Power button. Look at the color on the indicator light to confirm that the adapter is indeed disabled. If the ind

How to Setup a Linksys USB Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Instructions Confirm your computer's operating system is compatible with your wireless adapter and download the correct driver for your OS. Linksys drivers can be downloaded from their support website. Attach the USB cable to the wireless adapter and

How to Reset a Ralink Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Instructions Navigate to the start menu and access your control panel. Type "adapter" into your search box if using Windows Vista or Windows 7. Access the "Network and sharing Center" and click "View network connections." Rig

How to Release a Wireless Adapter Address 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Wireless network card Instructions Click the "Start" menu button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Click the "Run" option, then type "cmd" into the provided text field. If the "Run" option

How to Add a Wireless Adapter to a Virtual PC 2015-07-15

Instructions Click "Start" and open "Control Panel." Click "Network and Internet," "Network and Sharing Center" and "Change Adapter Settings." Right-click the wireless network adapter and select "Prop

How to Determine if My PC Has an Integrated Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Determine an Integrated Wireless Adapter in Windows Click “Start,” and then right click on “My Computer.” Select “Properties,” and then click on the “Hardware” tab. Select the “Device Manager” button. If you are using Windows XP Professional or Windo

How to Troubleshoot a Belkin Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Instructions Unplug the adapter from the computer and plug it into a different USB port and reboot the computer. Sometimes the port that you are using is not getting as much power as necessary to power the device. Navigate to "Start," right-clic

How to Disable the Dell Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Instructions Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Control Panel." Click the "Network and Internet" link and then click "Network and Sharing Center." Click the link on the left side of the Sharing Center labe

How to Connect a Wireless Adapter to an Ethernet Port 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Wireless adapter Computer with available ethernet port Wireless network Instructions Purchase a wireless adapter. Make sure that it supports the same wireless networking specification as the network to which you will be connecting.

How to Enable a Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Instructions Go to the Start Menu and click on "Control Panel" on the menu that appears. Double-click the "System" icon. Click the "Hardware" tab in the window that appears, then click on "Device Manager" if you hav

How to Repair a Broken Antenna on a Wireless Adapter 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver Needle-nosed pliers Ruler Empty coffee can Hammer Nail, 2 inches long Wire cutters 12-gauge solid-core copper wire spool Soldering iron Solder Electrical tape Wireless home network Instructions Unplug
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