rectal prolapse nursing diagnosis

Nursing Diagnoses for Rectal Prolapse 2015-07-15

Symptoms The main sign of a rectal prolapse is a red mass protruding from the anus, particularly after a bowel movement. Bleeding from the anus or blood in the stool may also result. Causes Educating the patient about the causes may help prevent futu

Rectal Prolapse Treatment 2015-07-14

Types of Prolapse In order to develop the appropriate treatment, determine the type of rectal prolapse. A full prolapse involves the entire rectum turning inside out and protruding from the anal opening. A mucosal prolapse involves only the mucous me

Developing a Nursing Diagnosis Goals & Interventions 2015-07-14

Instructions Form the nursing diagnosis. The nursing diagnosis is a statement you make about the patient based on an actual problem or risk. It is not a medical diagnosis, however. The nursing diagnosis relates the patient's response to illness. Exam

How to Write a Nursing Diagnosis 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Intranet access Current RN license Instructions Perform a nursing assessment to identify pertinent patient issues. Your assessment may include an interview with the patient and/or significant others, a physical examination, a revie

What Are the Four Types of Nursing Diagnosis Statements 2015-07-15

Actual An actual nursing diagnosis is a clinical judgment about a current patient health problem, which is present at the time of the nursing assessment, verified by presence of the major defining symptoms, signs and characteristics, and would benefi

Nursing Diagnosis for Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome 2015-07-15

Respiratory System The diaphragm is a muscle that is needed for breathing. Rigidity of the diaphragm due to neuroleptic malignant syndrome causes difficulty breathing. This leads to the nursing diagnosis of an ineffective breathing pattern. Temperatu

Nursing Diagnosis & Care Plans for Metabolic Acidosis 2015-07-15

Assessment Take a nutritional history from your client to assess for malnutrition, starvation and severe diarrhea. Assess him further by performing a physical assessment on his heart for irregular heart beats and checking for low blood pressure and s

How to Treat a Puppy With a Rectal Prolapse 2015-07-15

How to Treat a Puppy With a Rectal Prolapse
Treatment for a puppy with a rectal prolapse needs to be initiated as soon as possible to prevent serious complications. Attempting to treat a prolapsed rectum at home will only delay treatm ...

List of Nursing Diagnoses & Interventions 2015-07-15

Mastitis Mastitis affects the breast tissue and leads to pain, swelling, warmth and reddening in the area. Severe cases lead to fever and cold sweats. A woman with mastitis also experiences exhaustion and nausea or vomiting on occasion. The disease u

Nursing Diagnosis of Ineffective Tissue Perfusion 2015-07-15

Instructions Look for defining characteristics. These include peripheral issues such as edema, weak or absent peripheral pulses, clammy skin, pain or numbness; cardiopulmonary affects such as hypotension or angina; and cerebral issues such as letharg

Nursing Care Plans & Diagnosis 2015-07-15

Assessment Before a diagnosis can be written, the nurse needs to gather all pertinent information from any available source. These include patient interviews, charts and other medical professionals involved in his care. Diagnosing Once all the inform

Treatment for a Cat's Anal Prolapse 2015-07-15

Ailments Associated with Anal Prolapse Tape worms and other intestinal parasites, which irritate the area around the anus, are the most common causes for anal itching and pain. Parasites are indicated by pieces of rice-like debris around a cat's back

How to Write a Nursing Rationale 2015-07-14

Instructions Write the nursing diagnosis. The nursing diagnosis is a statement of an actual observed risk or potential problem of the patient. "Body image, disturbed," Ineffective coping" and "Nutrition imbalanced: less than body requi

How to Plan Nursing Care 2015-07-14

How to Plan Nursing Care
Instructions Gather information needed to form nursing diagnoses. Ask the patient questions pertaining to their problem or symptoms. Review the patient's medical history and current medicati ...

Does a Cow Recover From a Prolapse 2015-07-14

Problems A prolapse is recognizable by the appearance of pink tissue protruding from the rear end of the cow, below the tail. Because this mass of uterine, vaginal or rectal tissue is outside of the body when it normally would be inside the body, a v

How to Make a Nursing Care plan 2015-07-15

Instructions Perform a comprehensive patient assessment. Examine your patient’s medical records to review his medical and social history, medications, any abnormal lab reports or side effects he experiences. Conduct a physical examination to assess h

5 Phases in Nursing 2015-07-15

Assessment Assessment is the first step in developing the nursing care plan. It involves collecting important data and information about the client's health status, including physiological, psychosocial and spiritual. It is also the time when strengt

How to Write a Nurse's SOAP Note 2015-07-15

SOAP Notes Basics The purpose of a SOAP note is to organize information about the patient in a concise, clear manner. SOAP notes are meant to communicate findings about the patient to other nurses and health care professionals. The nurse should use o

The Role of Nurses in Health Assessment 2015-07-15

Information Health assessments are used by nurses to gather information about a patient's condition. This information is used to formulate a nursing plan of care for the patient. Nursing Diagnoses and Care Planning A nurse takes note of actual or pot

Types of Nurses & Their Salaries 2015-07-15

CNA A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) only has to complete six months of training to acquire a certificate to practice limited aspects of nursing. A CNA doesn't administer medication or insert IVs. For the most part, CNAs take their orders from a L
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