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The Uses of SPSS Software 2015-07-14

Data Collection and Organization SPSS is often used as a data collection tool by researchers. The data entry screen in SPSS looks much like any other spreadsheet software. You can enter variables and quantitative data and save the file as a data file

What Is Avast Antivirus Software 2015-07-14

Protection Besides general protection, Avast Antivirus software protects you when you use the following: Web browsers, instant messaging programs, P2P programs, wireless or wired Internet, Web-based email and Microsoft Outlook. Other Features When in

How to Update the Software for Moultrie's Trail Camera 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need SD card SD card reader Unzip utility Instructions Navigate to the Moultrie game camera software updates page on the company's website. Look at the sticker on the inside of the camera's door to confirm its model number. Click on you

Error Codes for Kodak EasyShare Software 2015-07-14

Error Code 20x404x1392x or 20x101x12152x Error code 20x404x1392x or 20x101x12152x means that there is a problem with EasyShare that resulted from an Internet download of the software. To resolve the issue, close all programs you are running, set your

How to Unlock the OTC Genesis Scantool Software 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Smart Card Instructions Find your tool's Smart Card and insert it in the Smart Card slot (found on the right side of the tool) with the gold computer chip on the card facing up and the arrow on the card pointing at the tool. Use th

Software for Bluetooth Peripheral Devices 2015-07-14

Bluetooth Peripheral Devices Bluetooth peripheral devices include items such as Bluetooth USB drives, headsets, modems, and dongles (devices that provide a secure connection to a serial or other type of port on a computer). These devices are designed

How to Update Motorola Phone Software 2015-07-14

Instructions Hit the "Power" button to turn on your Motorola phone. Go to the "Main Menu" and choose "Settings," then "Phone Status." Select "Software Update" and "Check." Wait while the phone co

How to Use the Nokia Phoenix Software 2015-07-14

Instructions Go to “Start” > “Control Panel” and open “Add or Remove Programs.” From the list of programs, find “Nokia PC Suite,” “Nokia Software Updater,” “Nokia Care Suite,” “Nokia Modem Drivers,” “Nokia Connectivity Drivers” and any other Nokia ap

How to Download Software to a Nokia Mobile 2015-07-14

Instructions Visit the website where you want to download the software to your Nokia phone using the built-in browser. Click on the download link for that application to begin the download process. After the software finishes downloading, follow the

How to Wipe an iPhone 3G to Its Original Software 2015-07-14

Instructions Connect your iPhone to your computer using the device's cable. Launch iTunes if the application does not automatically start. Click the iPhone icon in the left side bar of the iTunes application window. Select the "Summary" tab at t

How to Scan with HP software 2015-07-14

Scanning a Document Turn on your HP scanner or all-in-one printer and launch HP Solution Center. Place the document face down on the scanner and close the lid. Click the “Scan Document” button on the main menu. Select your preferred output format, su

How to Transfer Software With No CD Drive 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need USB memory stick (Step 1) Instructions Transfer your software using a USB memory stick. Plug the memory stick into the "source" computer's USB drive, then copy and paste the "EXE" (or, in the case of Mac, "DMG&q

What Is LightScribe Software 2015-07-14

LightScribe Vs. Label Design Software The LightScribe software communicates with the burner to etch your label design, estimates the amount of time it will take and notifies you if you've forgotten to flip the disc over before you etch the design. It

How to Install Software to an External Hard Drive 2015-07-14

Instructions Connect the external hard drive to the PC via USB connection. Turn the external hard drive on. Begin the installation process for the software and follow the installation prompts. Choose a destination drive to install the program onto wh

How to Erase Credant Software From My Flash Drive 2015-07-14

Instructions Plug your USB flash drive into your computer. Click on the "Start" menu and go to the "Computer" icon. Locate your flash drive's icon in the "Computer" window and right-click it. Click the "Format" butt

How to Install Webcam Software With No Setup Disc 2015-07-14

Instructions Connect the webcam to a free USB port on your computer -- a dialogue box will appear asking if you have the necessary drivers or if you would like Windows to search online. Prompt Windows to search online and wait for any missing drivers

How to Install CD Software Into a Netbook Without a Disk Drive 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need External CD drive Instructions Plug the provided USB data cable into the USB port on the external CD drive. Next, insert the opposite end of the cable into a USB port on the computer. Open your Internet browser. Navigate to the CD

How to Get Scanner Software for a Lexmark X4650 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Internet connection Internet browser Downloading the Software From Lexmark -- Mac, Windows and Linux Open your computer’s Internet browser. Click the “LEXMARK X4650 -- Drivers” link in the Resource section. Click the “Macintosh,” “

Types of Internet Security Software 2015-07-14

Anti-Virus Software The most basic security program is anti-virus software. Anti-virus software periodically downloads small components known as "definitions" from a server, that help it to identify viruses on your computer. Having anti-virus so
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