Vertical vs Horizontal

What Causes the Vertical or Horizontal Hold to Fail in an Old TV 2015-07-15

Hot Circuits Older television sets used individual resistors that tended to get hot and "drift" off their designed resistance with age or prolonged TV use. An overheated or damaged resistor might make the picture roll. Sync Circuits The picture

Vertical Vs. Horizontal Revenue Reports 2015-07-15

The Vertical Analysis Method Vertical analysis, also known as common-size analysis, is a method that sets every line item of a financial statement as a percent of one number. For example, a common-size income statement calculates every line item as a

How to Make the iPad Screen Go From Vertical to Horizontal 2015-07-14

Instructions Double-tap the iPad's Home button to bring up a row of recently used apps. Swipe left until you reach the media player controls. If the icon on the far left side shows a circular arrow symbol with a padlock inside, tap it once to remove

The Difference Between Cutting Vertically or Horizontally 2015-07-14

Vertical Cutting When working as a carpenter, it is often necessary to perform tasks in tight locations or awkward positions. Cutting the ends off joists and rafters, creating openings in existing walls and trimming plywood that has already been inst

Vertical Vs. Horizontal Financial Analysis 2015-07-15

Vertical Analysis Vertical analysis enables investors and corporate management to take a deep look at a company's finances, with a special emphasis on how financial statement items vary over a period of time. This type of review requires accounting a

How to Rotate the View on a Movie From Vertical to Horizontal 2015-07-14

Things You'll Need Video-editing software Windows Live Movie Maker Download and install Windows Live Movie Maker (please see the Resources section). Open the free program when the installation process is complete. Click the "Add videos and photos&quo

How to Center Worksheets Both Horizontally & Vertically in Excel 2015-07-15

How to Center Worksheets Both Horizontally & Vertically in Excel
Before printing a worksheet in Excel 2013, you can specify how you want it aligned on the page, including centering it vertically and horizontally, using the Page Setup options. If you want ...

How Can We Display a Frame in Horizontal & in Vertical HTML 2015-07-15

Things You'll Need Text Editor or web development application Web browser Internet Access Instructions Open your HTML file in a text editor or a web development application. Find the place in the HTML file where you wish to add a vertical frame. Type

Differences Between Horizontal & Vertical Differentiation 2015-07-15

Quality Products of the same type can differ tremendously in terms of quality. When stores arrange their products in order from lowest to highest quality, they are practicing vertical differentiation. One example of quality-based vertical differentia

Horizontal & Vertical Marketing Conflicts 2015-07-15

Horizontal & Vertical Marketing Conflicts
In marketing, vertical conflict is conflict that occurs between organizations that work together to provide the same product to the consumer. For example, a business selling potatoes might h ...

Horizontal Vs. Vertical Mill 2015-07-15

Types There are two main types of vertical and horizontal milling machines, manual and computer numerical control (CNC). Manual versions were introduced more than 100 years ago and CNC versions were introduced to manufacturers in the late-1950s. Both

Vertical vs. Horizontal Blinds 2015-07-15

Function Generally, blinds are used to adjust the amount of sunlight that comes into a room and to adjust the visibility presented from outdoors. Horizontal blinds can be turned upward, downward or at a 90-degree horizontal angle until the desired am

How to Convert a Vertical Visio Flow Chart to a Horizontal 2015-07-15

Instructions Click "Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Visio 2003." This starts up the Visio graphics software. Click "File > Open" and browse to the Visio diagram you want to convert. Click on the Visio fi

HTML Table With a Horizontal Scroll 2015-07-14

HTML Tables Tables are an hypertext markup language element consisting of rows and columns. When a row and column intersect, they form a cell. This cell then contains text, images, links and other element. A table can consist of only one cell -- from

How to Scroll Horizontally in Javascript 2015-07-14

Instructions Launch your HTML editor or Notepad. Open a Web page that requires horizontal scrolling. Choose a page whose horizontal content does not fit within the viewing area. Such a page requires a user to scroll to the right to view the additiona

Horizontal Cracking in Brick Mortar 2015-07-15

Stud Backing In terms of mortar cracks, one smaller than 1/16-inch thick is considered a hairline crack. Although the term hairline implies that it is a minor issue, hairline cracks can still allow water to penetrate the brick, which can lead to larg

What Would Cause a Vertical Crack in Drywall 2015-07-15

Above Doors or Windows Vertical cracks above the corners of a window or door indicate the builder placed a drywall seam at these corners. The shrinkage of the header causes a crack from the corner of the opening to near the ceiling. This is the least

How to Make My Text Go Horizontally in Microsoft Word 2015-07-15

Vertical to Horizontal Open your document in Microsoft Word. Click on the edge of the text box containing vertical text to select the text box. Click the "Format" tab. Click "Text Direction" and select "Horizontal." Horizonta
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