What Does Abnormal Results Mean

What Does Cubic Centimeters Mean for a Motorcycle 2015-07-15

What is a Cubic Centimeter? A cubic centimeter is a three-dimensional measurement of volume. In mathematics this figure would be referred to as centimeters cubed or centimeters to the power of three. A square cube measuring 1 centimeter on each side

What Does Under Contract Mean in Real Estate 2015-07-15

Pending Contract The term "under contract" is used in real estate to indicate that there is a pending contract on the property, but it has not yet sold or closed. Significance Other interested buyers in the area and their respective agents need

What Does Maternity Coverage Mean 2015-07-15

Group Insurance Plans If you are covered through a group health insurance plan, you will likely receive maternity coverage as part of your plan. With this type of insurance, you do not have to pay any additional fees to make sure that you have matern

What Does Abnormal Program Termination on Microsoft Mean 2015-07-14

Error Messages Most computer programs are designed to display error messages in a pop-up window or dialogue box when a runtime error is encountered. Sometimes the error is caused by a glitch in the program code; other times, an application may attemp

What Does Tort Law Mean 2015-07-14

Negligence Negligence is a common tort because it fits many types of situations. For example, a driver can be found negligent if his erratic driving caused injury to another driver or pedestrian. Similarly, if a shopper hurts himself in a fall, the s

What Does Low Attenuation Mean 2015-07-15

Attenuation Calcualation Attenuation can be calculated by a formula known as the attenuation coefficient. This complicated formula allows the attenuation of various materials, in regards to water passing through it, to be measured and compared. What

What Does Active Issues Mean for Unemployment 2015-07-14

Identification An active issue on your unemployment claim can be anything that affects your eligibility for unemployment benefits. If your employer disputes the reason you are no longer employed, that can be an active issue. Not being able to work, s

What Does "Credible Threat" Mean 2015-07-14

A Reasonable Person's Perception One threshold that a threat must meet before it's considered credible involves comparing the victim's reaction to what a reasonable person might experience. If the victim suffers from arachnophobia, the spider might n

What Does PDF Format Mean 2015-07-15

The Need Arose Before PDFs, people would submit files to one another using whichever software they had. If the recipient didn't have the same software or the same version, he or she would have to install a converter and convert the file. When this wa

What Does Airplane Mode Mean 2015-07-15

Cellphones and Aircraft Navigation While in flight, an aircraft is in constant radio-wave communication with ground stations via both voice and navigation frequencies. Cellphones operate by transmitting high-frequency radio waves with enough power to

What Does Gross Wages Mean 2015-07-15

Definition Gross wages is the total amount of money you earn from a job that gives you a paycheck. That means before taxes or other deductions. For example, if you work 40 hours a week at $15 per hour, your gross wages are $600 per week, $2,400 per m

What Does Income Tax Mean for FAFSA 2015-07-15

Income Tax Amount In each of sections concerning the student's and the parents' financial information, the FAFSA asks you to report your and/or your parents' total income tax liability for the most recent tax year. On the Federal Form 1040 you can fi

What Does FullTime Exempt Mean 2015-07-15

Full Time or Part Time The U.S. Department of Labor does not make a determination as to what constitutes full or part time employment, nor does federal labor law. Full or part time employment determination, and the meaning of these designations, is c

What Does Unencumbered Cash Mean 2015-07-15

Encumbrances A debt or expense can be an encumbrance for your business. Overhead, cost of raw materials, transportation, discounts, interest on loans and payment on principal all limit profits on a product. When payment comes, these encumbrances must

What Does "Starting Salary" Mean 2015-07-15

Definition The starting salary is the amount of money your employer will compensate you during your first days, weeks or months of employment. There is no law regarding how soon after you begin employment that your employer must give you a raise. Som

What Does Power Gaming Mean 2015-07-14

Background Unlike traditional arcade and action games, RPGs and MMOGs are built in deep, ongoing persistent worlds that are a part of a broad community in which each player has a corresponding character, or role, with a distinct personality. Generall

What Does "Open Box" Mean on Amazon 2015-07-14

What Does "Open Box" Mean on Amazon
Amazon Warehouse Deals "Open box" from Amazon’s Warehouse Deals division offers Amazon like-new, used or refurbished items at a discount. These items may have been returned by a bu ...

What Does Elegant Dress Mean on an Invitation 2015-07-14

What it Means Simply put, elegant dress is formal attire, but it is not black or white tie. For men, elegant dress means a suit and tie. For women, it means a formal dress, or pants suit. Unlike black tie, which necessitates you wear a full length go

What Does Resistant Varieties Mean 2015-07-14

What Does Resistant Varieties Mean
With a botanical buffet spread before them, some insects and diseases have discriminating palates. One insect species may voraciously chew a certain plant down to nubby stems, while another ...

What Does "Lock Out" Mean on a Furnace 2015-07-14

No Ignition Common causes of furnace lock outs are a defective igniter or defective flame sensor. When the furnace attempts to start, sensors check for igniter action and for the presence of flame. If the igniter doesn’t activate within a few seconds
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