How to Create a PDF Clear Form Button

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe PDF Writer


  1. Open your PDF form and go to the "Advanced Editing" Toolbar. Choose the "Button tool."

  2. Position the cursor where you would like to place your new button on the main toolbar.

  3. Click your cursor and drag down and to the right, creating a box that is about the same size as the other buttons on the toolbar. When you release the mouse, the "Button Properties" window will open.

  4. In the "General" tab of the new window, locate the "Name" field and enter "Clear," then enter "Click to reset form" in the Tooltip field. Leave the other settings in the General tab unchanged. Do not close the window.

  5. Choose the Appearance tab of the "Button Properties" dialog box. Choose a fill color, font color, font style and line thickness to personalize your button.

  6. Select the "Options" tab, then select "Lavel only" from the "Behaviour" pop-up menu. Choose "Invert".

  7. In the 'Label" textbox, type "Clear." Leave the options window open.

  8. Click the "Actions" tab, then click on "Select Trigger." Choose the option that says "Mouse Up."

  9. In the "Select Action Choices" section choose "Reset a Form," then click the "Add" button. A new window will open. If you want the button to clear the whole form, click "Select All' or choose the fields that you want to be cleared by the button. Click "OK'.

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