How to Grow a Cleaning Business

Things You'll Need

  • Cleaning business
  • Local newspaper and/or magazine
  • Coupons
  • Cleaning equipment and supplies

Market Groups

  1. Select a market group, either consumer or commercial. Consumer clients are residential families or individuals. Commercial clients are businesses, such as retail stores, banks, offices, hospitals, schools, etc. As the business is established, expanding to include both is possible.

  2. Market accordingly. The residential cleaning market generally consists of five different highly marketable consumers, according to These consumers are families where both the husband and wife work, families where both partners work and earn over $50, per year, affluent families where the wife does not work and does not have time to devote to housecleaning, singles who do not have the time or inclination, and senior citizens who physically cannot keep up with the housework.

  3. Advertise and offer discount coupons to attract customers. The easiest, and generally most cost effective way to grow a cleaning business is to run advertising in the local newspaper. Also, offering coupons and discounts on services can attract new customers.
    Advertising in locally operated magazines and/or trade newspapers can reach a variety of consumers.
    Creating a social media page or site can help attract the younger consumer who uses the Internet to connect or gain information about goods and services.

  4. Ask existing customers for referrals. Ask existing customers for a referral. Often the best way to grow a business is through word of mouth. Also, tell everyone about the business. One never knows if a friend is looking or considering hiring a cleaning service. If they aren't, they might know someone who is.
    If the business owner is a member at a church or other organization, offer to clean the establishment or meeting place to show off the professionalism and effectiveness. Even if an individual is not a member, contact the group anyway and offer to clean at low or no cost.

  5. Maintain standards. Good referrals cannot be obtained if the business is not run efficiently or professionally. Jim Cavanaugh, the founder of Jani-King International, a commercial cleaning franchise based in Dallas, Texas, says the company's image is the most important marketing tool. Image is projected in the uniforms the staff wears, how clean the tools and equipment appears, and the company vehicles. Cavanaugh also recommends having adequate insurance for the business and employees, as well as quality brochures and print collateral.

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