How to Make Transparent Type in Illustrator


  1. Open a new or existing document. Create text with the "Type" tool, then use the "Selection" or arrow tool to select the text that you want to make transparent. Make sure you select the bounding box; do not highlight the text itself. Treat the text as you would any other object on the Art Board. When you select the text box, the toolbar at the top will change to include text options such as "Font," "Font Size," "Color" and "Text Alignment." To the right you will see the option labeled "Opacity."

  2. Click and drag the slider under the "Opacity" option to the left or type in the percentage of transparency you prefer. You will see the text change to different levels of transparency, depending on where you place the slider.

  3. Play around with the different levels of transparency until you are happy with the results. For more advanced use of the transparency tool, you can go to the "Transparency" toolbox, which can be found under "Window" on the file menu. Experiment with this feature to learn how to create your own custom typography.

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