How to Scan Barcodes on CheckPoints on iPod Touch


  1. Open your iPod Touch's settings after reaching the store to connect to an open Wi-Fi network.

  2. Tap the CheckPoints app to launch it and open the "Earn" tab by tapping it.

  3. Pick your store from the list of locations and tap "Check in." The app only allows you to check in once it confirms your location at the store. CheckPoints suggests trying to check in near the front door.

  4. Press "Check out products" to see a list of scannable items in your store. Find any one of the listed items in the shop.

  5. Tap the picture of the item you want to scan. The app switches to show your camera.

  6. Aim the iPod's camera at the item's barcode. The app automatically focuses and scans the recognized barcode. If the barcode won't scan, try moving the item or adjusting the camera to get a better focus. After the app sees the barcode, it automatically awards you points and you can select a new item to find.

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